Who can benefit from victim support?

Anyone who has suffered direct harm to their physical, psychological or sexual integrity as the result of a criminal act in Switzerland is entitled to support and assistance from Victim Support Switzerland.

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Victim support is for everyone who has been the victim of a criminal act in Switzerland,

  • irrespective of their gender, age, sexual orientation or religion;
  • irrespective of the country they come from and how long they plan to stay in Switzerland.

Victim support can also be provided to a victim’s relatives and loved ones.

Victim support is offered regardless of whether charges have been brought or the offender has been found. It is also irrelevant whether the offence was intentional or the result of negligence.

How can you access victim support?

Contact a victim support service, which will answer all of your questions about victim support. Victim support services are available all over Switzerland. Make contact even if you’re not sure whether victim support is what you need, and you’ll receive advice on who can help.

You can find the victim support services here

When can victim support help?

Victim support is available for victims of criminal acts such as

Other criminal acts with which victim support can help

Criminal acts outside Switzerland

In the event of a criminal act outside Switzerland, victim support will in principle be provided by the country in which the offence took place. In certain cases, however, counselling services and certain forms of financial support can also be provided by Victim Support Switzerland. The main requirement for this is that the victim is resident in Switzerland at the time of the offence. Reimbursement and compensation cannot be paid in the event of offences committed outside Switzerland.

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